Centurion G ULTRA GSM Module 4G V2


The G ULTRA GSM is ideal for people on the move. Utilising your mobile phone as a handset you can open your gate, or what ever you have set on the output, from just about anywhere. Inputs keep you in the know of what is happening on connected devices.

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  • Weight: 0.2Kg
  • Size: (mm): 76H x 114W x 33D
  • Channels: 4 input or output
  • Power: 11-24V DC
  • SIM Card Supplied (preloaded with R15.00 airtime)Centurion G ULTRA GSM is an advanced GSM solution providing a mobile based monitoring and control system for a multitude of applications. G ULTRA has four configurable 50mA input or output channels and 2 1A relays and supports 1500 access numbers with 20 access profiles and 5000 event logsDevices that can be monitored via the inputs
    • House alarm: activated
    • Electric fence: alarm triggered
    • Geyser status: On/Off
    • Mains power: On/Off
    • Fridge aboard your boat: On/Off
    • Borehole pump status: Running/Off
    • Water reservoir: Full/Empty
    • Entrance gate status: Open/Pedestrian
    • Vehicle monitoring: Ignition or alarm activated, or off or your reservoir is full or empty

    Devices that can be controlled via the outputs

    • Automated entrance gates
    • Geysers
    • Appliances, e.g. the fridge aboard your boat
    • Air conditioners
    • Borehole pumps
    • Disable vehicle ignition systems
    • Lighting systems
    • Irrigation and water features
    • Alarm systems